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Official Listing Date2019-07-11
IndustryDiversified Financials

QuickFee Limited was incorporated on 15 February 2018 for the primary purpose of completing the Acquisitions of QuickFee AU and QuickFee US and engaging in the business of undertaking the QuickFee Business and offering the QuickFee Platform in Australia and USA. QuickFee AU was founded in March 2009 and developed the QuickFee Platform for Australian Firms allowing them to accept monthly payment plans where Clients obtain finance online from QuickFee AU to facilitate invoice payments to the Firm in full. Following the success of QuickFee AU in the Australian market, management of QuickFee AU incorporated QuickFee US on 2 April 2016. Upon completion of the Acquisitions, the Company will operate in the payment platform and SME lending sectors through the provision of finance solutions to Clients and Firms and the offering of the QuickFee Platform.